Company Names starting with 'M'

Myat, Inc. is a US manufacturer of quality broadcast systems and a leading supplier of coax components, combiners, filters and RF products for every application in the broadcast industry as well as scientific and industrial applications.
United States
mymicrogravity provides research solutions for R&D laboratories. The company offers to researchers a simple and fast access to microgravity and its expertise in designing and executing experiments in a weightlessness environment. It supports its customers in choosing the right hardware and flight opportunities to take the most out of the experiment and maximise scientific and business return.
Mynaric provides wireless laser communications for aerospace applications, enabling high-speed, secure wireless data transmission between moving objects for terrestrial, airborne and space applications.
Myriota develops low power micro transmitters that send multiple small packets of data that is received by low earth orbit satellites and satellite ground stations. The company focuses on developing terminals, infrastructure, and applications for the satellite Internet of Things global market. Its solutions are used in various applications, including resource sector asset and pumping assets.

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